Common Mistakes Any Wedding Photographer Is Bound To Make

More than 10 million marriages are happening every year in India. So, there are chances of minimum 10 million mistakes going to happen. If you don’t realize how badly it’s going to impact your business and PR, you are bound to make those mistakes.

In this blog I am going to discuss about few of those mistakes and you guys do have a checklist after reading the below points.

Never be late at the venue:

Being a pro wedding photographer, you have to be present along with your team at least 1 hour prior to the actual wedding time and setup your plan and equipment’s at the venue. If you are late to the venue, everything will get messed up and finally it will lead to a bitter experience for your profession.

Stick to your plan which you might have prepared a day before on how to start and keep yourself cool.

Never express that you have less experience:

Even though it’s your second or third project, never tell this to the host as the owner may lose confidence on you. All of us have to gain experience. Nobody on this earth are born with experience and we have to start somewhere. Behave as if you carry huge experience and just concentrate on the work as per the plan you have. Everything will fall in place.

Have Control On Your Body:

It’s a human tendency that if we listen to good number, our body starts moving. Do not let your body respond to the music played at the venue as it doesn’t give good impression. Be professional in your business and keep up your dignity to gain respect from the wedding owner.

Never take your shoes off:

As a wedding photographer, I can understand how much pain is in standing for long hours. At times we feel like kick off the shoes and relax with bare foot. Never try to commit that mistake as this is not the time to chill. Instead invest in buying a good pair of shoes keeping all kinds of photo shoots in mind.

Do not wear low waist pants:

The pants you wear should be comfortable to you. It shouldn’t bother you by stripping down wherein you have to keep on adjusting. It really looks awkward. Photography is one thing in which you have to sit, kneel, stand and make all kinds of funny postures. To carry your work uninterruptedly, your clothes should be comfortable for you and for others as well.

Never discuss technical issues with the host:

No matter what kind of technical problem you are facing, never share with the party owner. Your equipment may trouble or the lenses might get locked, still do not tell the party owner about this. Because it’s your problem, keep yourself cool and switch to backup plan. It’s always better to have a backup plan like, carrying an extra camera, lenses, lighting equipment’s or sometimes batteries.

Never argue with the party owner:

A wedding is full of energy. As a result, everyone who are in that atmosphere are naturally tensed. You do not fall into that pit. Keep yourself cool and stick to your profession. Never argue with the owner. Rudeness will never fetch you anything good. But that doesn’t mean that you should never express something which is really bothering you. But express in a polite manner which will not create any disturbance in between both of you.

Switch off your camera sound:

Sometimes the camera sound creates distraction while any speech is going on in a wedding ceremony. It also impacts badly for a candid photographer as you can’t capture the naturally occurring moments. So, switch off your camera sound before you get into the venue.

Don’t delete the unwanted pics:

Many times we tend to delete some unwanted pics immediately checking at the venue. Never do that as some of the images can be modified and those can become the most beautiful candid moments of the total event.

“A wise person learns from others MISTAKES”

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