Outstanding Outfit Ideas For Pre & Post-Wedding Photo-Shoot

A Pre or a Post-Wedding photo-shoot is a wonderful activity which gives lot of fun for the couple. And there is lot of confusion indeed as what to wear and what not to. You would constantly brain storm whether traditional, blend or western would do better. It’s really hard to decide which outfit would be best suitable for you for a photo-shoot. This blog would definitely help you in this regard as I have mentioned the best and finest clothing ideas.


The first and foremost important thing about your outfits is that you should be comfortable with whatever dress you wear. You can get the best output from your photographer only when you feel pleasant with whatever you wear. So, choose an outfit which is comfortable and best suits you.

Go by Location:

Outfits should be chosen according to the photo-shoot location. For instance, bright colored dresses suits well for a non-rural location. And if you are shooting in multiple locations, change your ideas in accordance with the location.

Color attracts attention:

As already stated in the previous point, choose the dress color in accordance to the location. This means that the dress color should be in contrast with the location background. Only then you will be distinctive from the background to catch the eye of people who sees your photographs.

Integrate with the location:

Try out some colors which blends with the color of your location. Integrating with the location color actually gives a soothing and romantic photo effects.

Casual Looks:

Casual looking styles give some good looking portraits. Try out loosening your tie (if you wear) and hair (of the bride), cool shirts and jackets opened will give fine and playful images. Same colors with different patterns for both bride and groom can be tried.

White colored dress for classy looks:

A white colored dress can be preferred for classic look. Especially a white long gown is popular for pre or post wedding photo-shoots to give you adorable portraits.

Be Trendy:

In the process of choosing your outfits, know which colors and dresses are outdated and always go with the trend. Even after years, if you want your photos to be trendy, prefer fusion of colors. Yellow and blue colors look better in many backgrounds. Try out combination of some cool colors and chequered dresses also works well.

Retro Look:

You can try out pencil cut jeans, suspenders, a bow tie for groom, vintage hair styles, Polka dotted dresses for bride gives best retro looking photos.

Anarkali Gown is an all time favourite looking outfit for photo-shoots as you can play with the dupatta and do many things. Long Gowns, Sarees, Maxi dress and Lehengas give adorable portraits for pre and post wedding photo-shoots.

“Wearing a designer outfit is designing your dreams”

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